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Are you drowning in paperwork?

  • Is there something else that you would prefer doing instead of bookkeeping?
  • Are you so preoccupied with generating sales that you do not have time to take care of administrative details?
  • Do you know how much profit you’ve made & what your business is worth each month?

You have come to the right place if you need assistance to organize, set-up and maintain your financial records. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Organized Books will help you MAKE & SAVE MONEY by:
  • Sending out Customer Statements on a timely basis so you can get paid on time
  • Keeping track of customer invoices & payments
  • Knowing exactly who’s behind in paying you
  • Making sure all your cash receipts are credited to your bank account
  • Not paying a bill twice by mistake
  • Tracking your bill payment due dates to avoid late charges
  • Obtaining better credit terms based on good payment history
  • Knowing how much payroll & sales taxes you owe, so you can avoid penalties and interest
  • Keeping track of all your expenses in detail, so you know which ones can be decreased
  • Not wasting money buying more of what isn’t selling
  • Set your selling price based on profit instead of guessing
  • Getting the maximum possible tax deduction for your expenses of running your business


2006 Business Mileage Rate:
44.5 cents/mile

2006 Tax Calendar
View due dates for filing tax returns and reporting tax information.

Why keep records? Good records will help you monitor the progress of your business, prepare your financial statements, identify the source of receipts, and more...

Filing Late—What happens if you file your return late? Read the IRS’s FAQ...